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60 Years of Back To Godhead Magazines on a DVD-ROM!

by Madhudvisa das

Posted April 6, 2005

60 Years of Back to Godhead Magazine is a collection of BTG issues, from 1944-2004, viewable with your PC or Macintosh. The individual pages of 342 issues have been scanned and assembled, ready to be viewed in their original layout. This includes all original full-color photographs and paintings.

Your favorite issues can easily be located with a cover and article index, sorted by issue, title or author. 60 Years of Back to Godhead is an excellent research tool and valuable preaching resource.

If you are familiar and comfortable browsing the web, 60 Years of BTG will be just as easy!

60 Years of Back To Godhead is now available on DVD-ROM for just 29.95!

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