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Small Hanuman Needed

by Bhakta Simon Kitty, Melbourne Mahaprabhu Mandir, Australia

Posted April 3, 2006

I am writing this on behalf of Krishnagrajah Prabhu who is the head pujari of our temple.

What we are looking for is a very small murti of Hanuman, which we would place next to Lord Ramacandra in the form of saligram.

The size we are looking for is about 3 cm or smaller, and we would want it to look reasonably good and to be recognizable as Hanuman. I guess we are looking for some kind of metal one, but other material would do, if it looks OK.

If there is any devotee out there who has something like this / or is able to make something like this ... please, please, please email me & let me know.

I include the photo to give an idea of what we want, just smaller ( 3 cm ).