Chakra Announcements

Festival Poster

by Jaya Govinda Das

Posted April 2, 2006

I have set up a service for temples who would like to have a pre-designed poster for their festival but don't have the means or time to design their own.

The posters are simple, colourful with clear information in design.

They are 11" X 17" (tabloid size)

The poster for Rama-Navami is ready to be emailed to you with your own festival information on it.

Just send us an email with the particulars of your event such as
Date & Time, Location, Special Features and Contact Information.

So if you:
Need a poster for your next festival!
Order one of ours with your own festival information on it.

The first poster that is available is for Rama-Navami. (see picture)

You can get more information and order them from our web page

Sincerely your aspiring servant in Lord Krishna's service,
Jaya Govinda Das