Chakra Announcements

A Revival at ISKCON Baltimore

by a friend of the Baltimore temple

Posted September 30, 2005

Dear Devotees -

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada, and their most beautiful lordships Sri Sri Nitai-Gaurasundar, Sri Jagannatha, Sri Baladev, and Srimati Subadra-devi.

We are pleased to inform you of the revival of ISKCON Baltimore. After over a decade of inactivity, inconsistent and incomplete preaching, mismanagement of temple resources, and lack of leadership and supervision, the Baltimore temple is now trying to get back on track, but we need your help. If you work or live in the greater Baltimore metro area or are a friend and well wisher of the temple please do read on -

The North American GBC has recently removed the stale decade old temple management with a new three person leadership team. This group will temporarily manage temple activities till a permanent temple president, and resident devotees are found. Gone are the days of non-cooperation amongst devotees and authoritarian management. We are seeking anyone interested in performing service or simply wanting to take part in temple activities (Sunday Feast, Special Festivals, Ratha Yatra, etc.) to please step forward and come back to the home of Sri Sri Nitai-Gaurasundar, and Lord Jagannatha.

More and more devotees and congregation are witnessing the change and are coming back. Please donít miss this opportunity to be a part of this grass roots change - be a part of the New ISKCON Baltimore. We look forward to serving and rejoicing in Srila Prabhupada's mission with you.