Chakra Announcements

Speaker of Indian Parliament prays to Krishna for the well-being of Russia

by ISKCON Communications, Moscow

Posted September 25, 2003

Tuesday, September, 16. The delegation of the Parliament of India with the speaker Manohar Joshi at the head has attended the gala worship in the sole Hindu temple of Moscow.

Mr. Joshi and Parliament group of 15 deputies have come to Moscow for one day visit by the invitation of Gennadi Seleznev, the speaker of Russian Parliament.

After meeting with Mr. Kasyanov in Kremel, they went to the temple of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness at the Khoroshevski Shosse to meet with members of the Indian community and the Russian followers of Indian religion.

[Arati ceremony in Hindu Temple, Moscow.]

After arrival at the temple of Krishna, Mr. Joshi and the ambassador of India in Russia, Mr. Raghunath, led the arati ceremony, by which they offered lights and incenses to God. In his speech to Indian and Russian congregation Mr. Joshi has noted that he expected such an invitation already long.

It is very important for me to visit the temple of Krishna in Moscow. Here I pray to God for well-being of Moscow with the same heartiness as I pray for the well-being of my homeland, India, said Mr. Joshi.

[ Mr. Joshi speaks .]

Then Mr. Joshi has thanked assembled devotees for hospitable atmosphere, and presented to the temple the watch with the ensign of Indian parliament. He also enounced the hope that he will be able to come in Moscow on the ceremony of the lay down of the Center of the Vedic Culture, for which the Moscow Government gave a promise to supply the land for new temple.

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness has opened its first and at the moment sole Hindu temple in Russia in 1990. This temple is situated in an old building of almost 50 years old, with wrecked walls and floors. The Krishna temple serves the spiritual needs of more than 15 thousand Indians who live in Moscow, and about 10000 Russian followers. Every day 1000 people visit this temple.

One or two days ago the temple suddenly got in the middle of the construction area that threaten destruction for the old building. Now the authorities of Moscow envisage the possibility of saving the temple or to its dislocation.