Chakra Announcements

Transcendental Audio Restoration

by Devaki Nandana Dasa

Posted September 16, 2007

Hare Krishna. I'm looking for old audio recordings of ISKCON bhajans, kirtans, devotee rock bands, dramas, radio shows etc. for an archive I'm compiling for future generations. Using a laptop computer and some software I can digitally remaster about anything to a nice sound quality. I can remove noise and cut into tracks etc. Some months ago there was a devotee named Mahibharata who had an article on Chakra. I've heard that he has a collection of old tapes of devotional recordings. If I could contact him and any other devotees out there who have old collections they'd like restored we could do a nice service of archiving the wonderful history of ISKCON. I'm mostly interested in Vishnujana recordings or rare recordings of devotee bands like Rasa or other ones I may not know of. I've heard that there was an amazing recording called the, "Jailhouse Rock" of Vishnujana swami doing a kirtan in a prison over the loudspeakers and the prisoners went wild in ecstasy. I was told that many devotees had copies of that tape. I'm not involved with this project for any profit making. I'm simply doing it as a service. As a nondevotee I used to have a knack for audio restoration etc. In the days before digital but now it's so easy that it would be a shame to lose so many gemlike old recordings due to the time factor. If any devotees out there are interested, please contact me at: or by phone in the U.S.-715-523-1609