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Peaceful Celebration Of Janmastami Utsav Throughout Bangladesh

by Dhaka, Bangladesh

Posted September 6, 2005

Hare Krishna !!!

Thanks to our loving Lord Krishna for His kindness for the successful celebration of Janmastami Utsav here in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We were so scared due to the recent bomb explosions all over the country. Thanks to the govt. of Bangladesh for giving us their support on this occasion.

We had fasting, puja, chanting 108 Names of the Lord, Gita Jagga, meeting for discussions, rally etc. A lot of devotees were joined to the rally from different parts of the Dhaka City by chanting Holy Names with various musical instruments. We had around 150 tracks, large no. of motor cycles,. Kids wear nice dresses and enjoyed the rally. The rally was started from the Palashi->Dhaka University->Press club, Muktangan, Nababpur Road, Jagannath college lane and ended to Bahadur shah park. There were tight security maintained in the rally. There were a remarkable numbers of RAB, Police, White Dress Battalions present in the rally. We did aarti, bhajans, kirtans, chanting at home as well. We had a very nice day.

Happy Janmastami to all of you!