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Sri Krsna Janamashtmi Festival At Iskcon, Ludhiana

by ISKCON Ludhiana

Posted September 5, 2005

Hare Krsna,
Sri Sri Krsna Janamashtmi Maha Mahotsav ki Jai,
All Glories to His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Srila Prabhupada,

Dear Vaishnavs,

Sri Krishna Janamashtmi festival was celebrated on 27th August 05 by Iskcon, Ludhiana with great devotions and dedication. Keeping in view the heavy crowd the festival was celebrated outside temple premises in an open ground. More that thirty thousand people visited on this holy festival.

People were seen in triplicate long queues to have a glimpse of Their Lordship in spite of hot weather. It takes a week to decorate the venue with tents, flowers, lights etc. The whole festival was telecasted on national hook up by MH 1 channel. The charnamat was being distributed to the people on the main entrance gate. People brought Chhapan Bhoga to offer to Their Lordship and later distributed amongst people. At 7 PM the kirtan was recited by Jeeva prabhu followed by Shilp karni Radha dasi Mataji from Mumbai. At 10.30 PM HG Radha Vallabh Prabhu from Vrindavan chanted Mahamantra and people were seen dancing to pleasure Their Lordship. There was also Indian famous DANDIA DANCE performed by school children. The also presented a play entitled "MAAKHAN CHOR". At 12.00 midnight there was Maha Abhishek of Ladoo Gopal by temple devotees. The festival comes to an end with fasting prasadam at about 1 AM. Please see some pictures of this holy festival attached herewith. For more picture click on

Yours servant,
Rajsuya dasa
Gerernal Manager,
Iskcon, Ludhiana.India
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