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New Talavan/New Orleans Hurricane Update

by Dasanudas Vanacari

Posted September 4, 2005

*New Orleans Yatra evacuated*

Today a team of devotees from Dallas and Houston somehow or other got through the numerous blockades and checkpoints sealing off the flooded city, and rescued all the New Orleans Temple devotees, the Deities and all Their transcendental paraphernalia. They will be relocated to Dallas, where facility will be provided by Nityananda Prabhu and the Dallas Temple for Their extended stay and uninterrupted worship until the normal operation of New Orleans *yatra* can be restored.

The New Orleans devotees, all disciples of His Holiness Jayapataka Swami, are in good health and consciousness. Of course it helps that most of them are from Bengal and Bangladesh, and are veterans of flood survival. Nevertheless their courage and dedication to Their Lordships Sri-Sri Radha-Radhakanta, Sri-Sri Gaur-Nitai and Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra are exemplary, and certain to be rewarded by advancement in devotional service to the Lord.

Massive Food for Life Mobilization Meanwhile, courageous New Talavan devotees are already venturing into the hardest-hit areas of the Gulf Coast, braving fields of debris, vast stretches of noxious quickmud, and crazed gas-hungry locals to distribute Lord Krsna's mercy in the form of sanctified vegetarian food. The devotees journeyed to Gulfport and Biloxi to bring hot meals of red beans and rice, chapattis and lemonade to the starving residents.

New Orleans devotee Ramakeli Prabhu, who lost everything in the hurricane, is collecting supplies in Memphis and transporting them to New Talavan, while New Talavan devotee Dvibhuja Prabhu, whose rental property lost its roof in the storm, is devoting full time to prasadam distribution in the Gulf Coast area.

They reported a scene of almost total devastation with very little help for the victims. The aged and infirm are hardest hit, often immobilized with no one to help them. The devotees went door-to-door in the affected areas near the coast, bringing back striking tales of devastation and woe.

Meanwhile, Priyavrata Prabhu of Food for Life International and New Talavan GBC Bir Krsna Gosvami are organizing a massive food relief program. Teams of devotees from Washington DC, New Vrndavan and other volunteers are cooperating to bring tons of food, outdoor cooking gear, temporary tent shelters and other needed equipment to New Talavan, which will serve as a base for expanded prasadam distribution throughout the devastated Gulf Coast area.

Just before the storm hit, Krsna provided a state-of-the-art satellite Internet system for the farm. Who knew that it would have to serve as the sole communications link for an entire community, cut off from the rest of the world by this tragic disaster! Just see Krsna's hand and careful planning to protect His devotees in this miraculous occurrence.

To contribute to rebuilding New Talavan, please contact His Holiness Bir Krsna Gosvami To contribute to, or volunteer for the Gulf Coast Food for Life project, please contact Priyavrata Prabhu

Thank you very much for your kind well wishes, generous donations and prayers.

your servant,
Dasanudas Vanacari
ISKCON New Talavan Community