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Hurricane Katrina

by Madhuryalilananda dasi

Posted September 3, 2005

Dear Devotees,

Is anyone planning any relief prasadam distribution? You don't have to go to New Orleans. There are plenty of other places to go: Biloxi, Gulfport, Waveland, Bay St Louis, Long Beach, Slidell, Picayune, Covington etc. The list of possible locations is very long. Just stop anywhere a long I-10 or I-59 and there will be people that need help. The little communities will be forgotten by the big relief agencies. A van or truck with rice, beans, some cookers and propane would be welcome anywhere. Be sure to bring gas for your van.

Hare Krsna, Madhuryalilananda dasi, resident of New Talavana for 20 years