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Harvest Workshop Update

by Iscowp Inc

Posted September 2, 2005

The Harvest Workshop began on Friday, August 19. Attendees came from Columbus, Ohio, Marietta, Ohio, and Baltimore, Maryland as well as the local area. For some of the attendees this was their first association with followers of Srila Prabhupada, and for others, it was their first visit to the ISCOWP farm. Workshops were held on drying and canning vegetables from the garden, ox training, and garden production. At the same time next year, we will again hold the Harvest Workshop. We will write up a comprehensive report of the Harvest Workshop for the next ISCOWP News, but in the mean time, here is a note from Shelda, one of the attendees.

Dear Lakshmi,

Thank you so much for this weekend, I really enjoyed spending time with you and your family.

Also, if you want, whenever the rest of the produce is ready and you need help, I could come up and spend the weekend, leaving after work at 3:00 on Friday and staying through Sunday. And, I will bring my own bed sheets and towels so that I won't be imposing too much because that just makes extra work for you.

Please stay in touch and thank you again for the wonderful time that we spent with you and your family and the fabulous meals. Hopefully, I will be able someday to learn to make the comfrey salve and also work with the babies, they are so energetic and enthusiastic and your father is wonderful with them. My grandfather used a team of oxen on his farm and they were treated as cherished friends, not farm animals. I still have some old photos of them that I treasure, they were such gentle souls, and I still treasure the time that I spent with them.

I will plan on sending $35 - $50 a month (whatever I have) for as long as I can or as long as I work, and you can do it however, I don't need a certificate to know that I am connected to the loving souls that you are taking care for. And, I understand more after Balahadra's seminar on Saturday, made a lot of things clearer. They are so special and I just wish that more people could see that and connect the dots. My grandfather always said that they were wise beyond our understanding.

I always felt the way that he did, and I still do and that is why I was so drawn to this farm. Thank you for letting me visit.

And if you ever need jars, a friend of mine that doesn't can anymore said that you could have what she used to use.

Peace & Love


Iscowp Inc

Ox Training Workshop

Some attendees enjoying a fresh garden lunch

Garden Tour Workshop