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Giving in Charity

by Vrajadevi

Posted October 30, 2007

Please accept my humble obeisances. I've never posted anything on the internet before, but feel compelled to comment on two recent situations where devotees had failing health and asked for financial assistance from the Vaisnava community. In both of these instances, the devotees currently own homes and receive rent monies and lived quite comfortably as householders for many years.

My purpose is not to take away from the glorious service these devotees have rendered, or to find fault, but I feel that these situations were misrepresented and many kind-hearted Vaisnavas unknowingly gave in charity to devotees who are quite well off by some standards. Specific statements were made as to those in need having "no money and no home," when that was not really the case.

Most of us have limited resources and are not able to reply to every request for assistance, so please, let us be very thoughtful and very careful before we ask the Vaisnava community for financial assistance, lest those who follow who are truly in need find a jaded and unresponsive audience.