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Moscow Land Is Denied To Krishna

by Oleh Demchenko

Posted October 22, 2005

Some days ago, the mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov ceased agreement of Moscow government to give land to ISKCON for construct a temple complex. The motivation was that Moscow Office of Public Prosecutors found a lot of infringements made during agreement's signing.

Now ISKCON has no land and no temple in Moscow. In 1990 Moscow government had given two-storied building near Begovaya metropoliten station. In the 2004 they agreed to give a new empty land in Moscow's central part. First plans to build a huge temple complex met a strong protest from Russian Orthodox Church and had to be reviewed into smaller and more modest plans.

Russian Interfaith Council Secretary, Roman Silantyev says that this decision of mayor ends attempts of ISKCON followers to build a temple. "Hare Krishnas thought that they will buy government officers. They thought that they are cult with huge sums of money able to reach their goals and build their temples in the Moscow center. We, believers, are fully endorsing this verdict our mayor" - Silantyev said.

"The question about foundation of any temple of any confession should be decided by inhabitants of that district in local self-governing offices which we don't have in Russia. Here everything is decreed by bureaucrats. This causes such problems" said Maxim Shevchenko, religiologist. "The construction of such a huge exotic pagan temple near sport stadiums, airport, trade centers is an important issue which cannot be given at some officer's free will, it's not a private question."