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ISKCON UTSAV at Visakhapatnam

by Panchratna (das) GKG (Brahmapur, Orissa - IN)

Posted October 16, 2006

I have just come back from attending the ISKCON UTSAV Program at Visakhapatnam and want to share with you all the grand sucess of the Program. It was Colourful Cultural Program at our ISKCON Land in Visakhapatnam which is beautifully situated on the banks of the Ocean.

The three day utsav festival attracted huge crowd from all over the city and neighbouring Districts,On all three days the crowd was enthralled by Professional singers singing beautifully Vaishnav Bhajans along with Hare Krishna Kirtan and thousands participated and chanted along with them apart from our devotees singing in the same way.

Traditional style of Ram Leela dance balley regaled the audience. Geeta Chanting and Continuous Homam was purifying the atmosphere. 30-40 stalls were displaying variety of goods along with those Children giant wheel and merry go round was enhancing festival mood.The Pandal was very richly decorated, high Class, along with other arrangements like trafic.It was wonderful to see continious Mass Prasadam Distribution. Central Minister, M.L.A'S, and MANY I.A.S, & I.P.S Officers attended the Program together.Media gave very elaborate & positive coverage about ISKCON UTSAV.

According to Traffic Police around 80,000 to One Lakh people visited in three days. On the last day of the UTSAV the car parking had to be done 2 km away from the UTSAV Venue and people had to walk, such was the magnitude of the crowd. It was unexpected being organised for the first time. It was very excellent broad based Preaching program. Haribol!