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We Have a Situation In Vrndavan

by Yadunandana Pada Dasa

Posted October 6, 2005

With apologies for disturbing you yet again, I write to remind you and give you an update on the Temporary Vrndavan Hospice Fund and the grim situation in Vrndavan.

We placed a classified ad on all the Vaishnava networks, on, and India's top job placement website called

According to Krsna Kumari in Vrndavan, they have had four accidental deaths in the last few weeks, the volunteer devotees taking care of Kushakrata are both bed-ridden themselves; they are just short handed and no one else has time, if you can imagine.

Our donation fund grew to 25% of our goal in just the first month, which is pretty impressive and encouraging. However, 50% of those donations were one-time sums exclusively aimed and dedicated for Kushakrata prabhu who is currently our only hospice patient aside from the four accidental deaths, which I just mentioned above. Moreover, pledges have stopped coming in and we still are way short of the goals needed to rent rooms, hire additional nurse(s), doctor visits, medical supplies, etc. It also appears from the pattern of events that injuries in Vrndavan are a constant and my report states that there is no longer a nurse available for everyday matters. We are hoping that the nurse we hire will be able to utilize down-time to help the Vrndavan pilgrims and devotees in general.

If you have not already made a pledge of $12 or even $5 each month, would you kindly look in your heart and justify this monthly need? Even if you are already giving to other charities or programs, please remember that it is *only* these specific targeted funds that are actually going directly towards the practical needs of this temporary hospice set-up . The amount that we are asking are so insignificant that we even have folks on SSI and welfare pledging $1, $5, and $12 already, and their funds have already reached the hospice and touched Kushakrata prabhu-they are demonstrating that anyone can give that small amount each month.

I have no detail information yet on the four accidental deaths but I will post something as soon as I get the details, which have been requested . As for Kushakrata's condition, I hear that he is down to skin and bones, is not able to turn in bed by himself, and his body is covered with small boils. I hear that Baladeva Vidyabhusana Prabhu, who is taking care of him personally, may need to be hospitalized for an acute complication with jaundice and there is no one to replace him, as Krsna Kumari dd has damaged her leg and is not able to get around.

By Krsna's grace we hope that a qualified administrative nurse answers our call on the classified ad and that between all of you we are able to come up with enough monthly pledges to keep him/her employed professionally on, until other resources become available, and ideally into the indefinite future with the Permanent Hospice.

If you have not already, please got to and make a pledge online.

If you are not able to use PayPal online for automating your donation, kindly send your monthly checks (no cash please) to:

Wanda Kennedy
*Memo:* Hospice Fund
(Ujjala Devi ACBSP)
3755 Watseka # 5
Los Angeles, CA