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Padayatra America Report

by Padayatra Office

Posted October 2, 2003

August 16 - 22, 2003 (from the diary of a Padayatri)

During this week we have been meeting with many locals, after these weeks of being in Louisa county Virginia we can see how potent is the presence of Sri Sri Nitai Gaurasundar and Prabhupada's padayatra preaching program.

Candrabhaga uvaca....."You can see the potency of this preaching strategy by the quality of the relationships with the people you come in contact with. They come out of genuine attraction, and the natural approach to share the culture that you live is very palatable to them. There is no separate program to distribute books or to collect to maintain the temple. By living in a principle of simplicity and by making yourself always available to give people what they don't have - Krsna - every opportunity is manifest to preach, to rest, to feed the Deities, horses and devotees. No extraneous effort."

It is ecstatic to be able to interact with such beautiful individuals without restrictions. Just a relationship in which Krsna is fully giving what all of us are waiting, devotion to have an interchange of glorification of Him.

One night a lady came with her 10 year old son attracted by the horses, and inquired.....I explain basically that by chanting you glorify God, and by making him the center of your life you will be happy. She was very excited...the Srimad Bhagavatam was there in front of them, she looked up at the Deities - kind of surprised, then back to the Bhagavatam. "What is that?" I explained it is one of our principal books - like the bible. "Can I see it?" and asked me to read the Sanskrit - she wanted to hear it. Srila Prabhupada said that by hearing one verse of sastra millions of sinful reactions will be annihilated. Ms. Sharon was sincerely attracted to hear a verse from the Srimad Bhagavatam. Suddenly her son who had been very grave - sober hearing from the beginning interrupted and asked me if we use dollars....and immediately he took five dollars out of his pocket and gave it to us. His mother was astonished and I was appreciative of the intensity of the moment. During the whole time the Deities were just there, smiling. I felt as if this soul was just waiting to hear about Krsna, hear from the Srimad Bhagavatam and after doing so he felt inspired to help.

They took incense, prasadam, and Ms. Sharon took a small book. She was extremely happy and I commented how special the boy is. These kinds of inter changes are full of nectar and they are the direct reciprocation of Sri Sri Nitai Gaurasundar with our small endeavor to carry out their vision.

"I worship Govinda, the Primeval Lord, who burns up to their roots all fruitive activities of all those who are imbued with devotion. And impartially ordains for each the due enjoyment of the fruits of one's activities of all those who walk on the path of work in accordance with the chain of their previously performed works, no less in the case of the tiny insect that hears the name of Indragopa than in that of Indra, King of the devas." BS 5.46

Janmastami was very sweet, Ms. Rose brought boxes of bhoga - nuts, fruits, vegetables, all kinds of things to make different preparations for our presiding Krsna - Radha Damodara (from Gita Nagari). After a day of festivities/preparations in the evening a few guests came to take prasadam; Mr. Barry brought his guitar for a while and we had ecstatic midnight aroti at the side of route 643.

We have been praying to their Lordships to put the Padayatra on the road in the moment that we will be able to keep steady towards the south. In these past weeks they have built up the preaching aspect as well as a strong structure. And we have a good taste of patience, tolerance, faith; and the strong desire to continue carrying their Lordships anywhere they wish to go.

"O Lord Madhu, as the Ganges forever flows to the sea without hindrance let my attraction be constantly drawn unto You without being diverted to anyone else."