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Govardhan Puja In the Ancient City Of Tiruchirappalli

by Ratisha das

Posted November 30, 2005

The devotees and the prominent citizens of the ancient city of Tiruchirappalli in the centre of the state of Tamilnadu, had the blissful opportunity to take part in their first ever organized Govardhan puja.

The Govardhan puja was celebrated on the 3rd of November, which started with bajans at 11 am followed by reading the 24th, 25th and 26th chapters of the Krishna book in Tamil. A beautifully decorated cow was offered worship and taken around the Govardhan with ecstatic kirtans. Previously a hill was made from cooked rice and was decorated with other varieties of preparations and looked as a resembling of the Govardhana Giri. An arati was offered to Giri Govardhan with another ecstatic kirtan which went on till 3.00 pm in the afternoon.

Dr. Saravanan a Dental Surgeon was moved with the arrangements for the festival in spite of the devotees man power, the limited time and lack of needed infrastructure. He is looking forward to join in similar programmes and festivals and is ready to make time from his busy schedule.

Mr. Rajan, M.D. of the Vaiteeswara agencies was appreciating the delicious prasadam and the manner it was distributed to the devotees.

The festival took place at a hall called Rama Madapam, where usually kirtans and traditional bajans of the Sri Vaishnavas take place, is situated next to the temple of Nachiyar Kovil (Uraiyur). This temple is according to the Sri Vaishnavas is considered to be the second most important pilgrimage place in the line of their famous one hundred and eight holy dhams (Divya Desams). The first one is the Srirangam Ranganathaswamy temple. We have a congregational programme on every Saturday evenings in the same venue.