Chakra Announcements

Mayapura Deities need beads, indeed

by Latika dasi

Posted November 26, 2003

We are in the middle of a marathon, trying to make all new jewellery for the big Panca-tattva Deities who will be installed on February 23, 2004.

We need fishing line (plastic mono-filament) that will hold 8 lbs., or 0.3 mm diameter.

We also require good quality beads, one-half to one inch big, in gold, silver, pearl, red, pink, purple, blue, green, orange and/or yellow. If you could get some beads as soon as possible, that would be a great service to Panca-tattva. Please send with some devotees coming to Mayapura Dham and deliver them to Jananivas das prabhu, Pankajanghri das prabhu or Krsna Madhuri dasi prabhu.

Thank you very much.