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Clergy Abuse Lawsuit

by Prajyumna

Posted November 22, 2008

My family is in the process of filing a class action lawsuit against ISKCON on the basis of clergy abuse. The pg-13 version of my story is available in the ISKCON communications Journal titled the Destruction and Resurrection of my Hare Krishna Faith. The rated-R version is with my lawyers.

I had presented this story in the Family and Youth Conference in 2001. The panel was hosted by my good friend, Jahnavi, who later became my fellow co-worker at Children of Krishna (CKI). God bless her heart for leaving her body fighting for the neglected and abused of ISKCON.

If you feel that you too have been a victim of clergy abuse within ISKCON and wish to file your grievances, please email with a summary of your story (500 words or less). At this point the lawyers in my family just want to get an idea about the scope of this case. We will contact you for more details as the case moves forward.

A quick google search will reveal what is and is not clergy abuse. Your names will be kept anonymous.

Please put 'clergyabuse' as the subject heading in your email.