Chakra Announcements

Padayatra pilgrims learn lessons on the road

by Avadhuta Siromani das

Posted November 20, 2004

We are currently in Mexico; the preaching, by the mercy of Guru and Gauranga, is wonderful. We have been made welcome everywhere. Tomorrow we have a TV interview in the morning and at noon with print and radio journalists; on Friday we have been invited to the plaza downtown for a program at 5 p.m. This is just one of the ways that Sri Sri Nitai Gaurasundar have been making arrangements for the distribution of Their mercy.

Our comunications have been very slow; we are going to send all the reports that were held up from almost a year ago (waiting for an opportunity to send these in).

November 15, 2003 - February 15, 2004
Three months in New Raman Reti; the winter is coming to an end, and soon the mercy of the Lord will be on the road again.

During this time we have been doing local parikramas every weekend, leaving Saturday and returning to the temple on Sunday. The participation has been excellent (100-150 devotees); everybody appreciates Sri Sri Nitai Gaurasundara's mood of walking and chanting — a simple, powerful way of preaching Krsna consciousness to others. The reception is so good, with devotees competing to have the Lord in their homes.

Difficulties are there, but always there is a lesson to be learned. This winter the Lord revealed to me why a preacher/ aspiring renunciant should not stay too long in one place: it has the tendency to bring familarity, which in turn may generate disrespect, complacency, criticism and politics -- and especially the propensity to think ourselves the "controllers".

On the road there is no politics, no criticisms, no familiarity and the only doer is the Supreme Personality of Godhead who personally reciprocates with His devotee in all spheres in His form as Nitai Gaurasundara. The only consideration there is how to continue -- how will the Lord distribute His mercy today. It is perpetually a situation where we humble ourselves and let the Lord take care of everything. We are looking forward to our next trek, from Florida to Mexico.

Nitai Gaurasundara's padayatra mood is unique and powerful -- we have seen the attraction of countless devotees and non-devotees. This is Srila Prabhupada's perfect vision, as he had wanted programs like this all over the world, and we pray to be an instrument in preserving the simplicity and purity of the program, which is what has made it so appealing.

Also during this time, Lord Nrsimhadeva has fully manifested His vigraha form -- His appearance as Jwala-ugra Nrsimha is now fully manifest; thanks to our good friend Indrayumna das prabhu who assisted by painting the Lord. The Lord always reciprocates with our desires that are for His pleasure.

For example, sometime ago we wanted to postpone a Saturday program in the house of Gadi and Sranti prabhus, due to the distance (22 miles roundtrip), thinking it would be better, instead, to visit them, as we would be traveling that way on our way out of the dhama, coinciding with H.H. Indrayumna Maharaja's visit/program; that way, with the blessings of Maharaja and the Vaisnavas we could continue. It would be a beautiful way to glorify Their Lordships in Their departure.

Thinking like this, we continued, not asking further into it, but suddenly, the week of the scheduled parikrama, Gadi das called to cancel the program -- his wife (Sranti prabhu) has to finish the Deity's outfit for the Gaura Purnima holiday and doesn't have time to make arrangements for the program (and he's out of town on business).

Jaya! Nitai and Gaurasundara reciprocate one more time with this fallen soul. The date was changed for the day that Indrayumna Maharaja will be there, and everyone was happy. March 22 we leave the dhama at 4 p.m.; we will have a few more programs within the community before leaving the area.