Chakra Announcements

India Travel Log

by Anuttama Das

Posted November 15, 2007

To day was another exciting day of seeing new Holy places. It is also Diwali and Kali Puja here in India. Every where are candles [including] our ISKCON Mayapur Temple. And clay modles of Kali staning on her Husband, Shiva [but not in ISKCON].

Today we drove two hours to a town near Calcutta. It is the home town of Iswara Puri Maharaja, the guru of Mahaprabhu.

Mahaprabhu visited his house after He took Sanyas, on his was to Vrindaban. By that time Iswara Puri had passed away but Mahaprabhu collected some dirt from the spot. He ate some and saved the rest. So many devotees also collected dirt that there is now a small pond there.

We also visited the family home of Raganath Das Swami and the Temple of Shivananda sena. There are nice Radha Krishna detities there. The temple is 350 years old.

It was a 12 hour day from start to finish but it was well worth it.

Our group is so big that there were 66 full size buses used to carry all the devotees. Radhanath Swami made a rule that only devotees that are chanting 16 rounds can come to Mayapur for this festival and he still got 3800. So there are a lot of good devotees in Bombay.

Well it's 9 PM and time to rest as Mongal Aroti is coming soon. I hope you are all in good health [I still am]