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Help Protect the Moscow Temple

by Yasomatinandana Das

Posted November 12, 2005

As you might know, on 7 October, 2005 the Mayor of Moscow, Yuriy Luzhkov, cancelled the order issued by the Moscow Government one and a half years ago giving ISKCON Moscow a plot of land for construction of a new temple to replace the old temple building.

After occupying our old temple facility for 14 years it was pulled down to make way for new city development plans for that area. We were given a new plot of land and made to relocate there despite there being no sewerage or electricity connections. We spent over $250,000 constructing temporary facilities to continue our operations while waiting for the government to approve our plans for a new Vedic cultural center and temple on that site.

Last Winter the office of the City Executive Attorney found some legal discrepancies in the wording of the original order by Moscow Government. They instructed that it be revised and a new corrected version be issued. It was said to be a technicality only.

Instead, using the faulty original order as an excuse, the Mayor has arbitrarily cancelled the order altogether. This was done without any explanation or consultation with us.

His recent document has two parts in it. The first part cancels the previous order. The second is an eviction notice. It declares that we have no right to stay on the site any more. This means that we are now to be thrown out on the streets whenever the mayor's office decides.

Now after the thorough consultations with experienced lawyers we are going to file a case against the Moscow Government and take it up to the European Court.

We want to request your help in the upcoming fight for the protection of sanatana dharma in the following ways:

1) Pray to your Deities, maybe every morning after Mangalarati or whenever is convenient:

"Dear [THE NAMES OF YOUR DEITIES]! If You so desire then please let a beautiful temple of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna be built in the heart of Moscow! Kindly remove all the obstacles on this path and protect Srila Prabhupada's movement in Russia!"

2) Write a letter of protest to the President of Russia, Mr. Putin. This can be done on his official site: Click Here

You can find a sample letter to President Putin at the bottom of this message.

3) Provide some financial help by donating on-line on our site:

We need to collect $50,000 to pay the legal expenses in the upcoming court case.

Your help in these three ways will make a big difference in providing victory in this rightful fight and get the unlimited blessings of Lord Krishna and Srila Prabhupada!

Additionally, you could also help in the following ways:

* Forward this letter to your devotee-friends or devotee mailing-lists

* Forward a version of this letter addressed to Indians to the appropriate mailing lists. Please find the text of this version at the bottom of this message.

* Now Diwali is coming. A lot of Indians will be coming to our ISKCON temples. Perhaps, you could help arrange a table and collect signatures to the petition to Mr. Putin. The signed petitions then can be sent to us by DHL or similar mail service at: PO Box 17, Moscow Society for Krishna Consciousness, Moscow, Russia, 125284. For your convenience I am attaching a package containing the relevant texts and forms in the Word format. You can just make copies of it.

* You can dedicate your extra Karttik vows to the cause of the protection of the Moscow temple

* You can dedicate the upcoming Srila Prabhupada's Marathon to the support of the Moscow project.

Srila Prabhupada personally came to Moscow to plant the seeds of Krishna Consciousness in 1971 and it was his desire that a magnificent temple is built here. Coming together, by Krishna's grace we are confident of victory in this glorious battle.

Your humble servant,

Yasomatinandana das,

Development Director, ISKCON Russia

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SAMPLE LETTER TO PRESIDENT PUTIN

[This is one sample; you can change few words or write your own heartfelt feelings about this sudden and arbitrary reversal of the Moscow administration's decision]

Dear Mr. Putin,

I was very upset to learn that the land in Moscow given for the construction of the new Vedic Hare Krishna temple has recently been taken away in an unfair and unprecedented arbitrary decision by the Moscow government. If this unrighteous decision is upheld thousands of members of the Indian community and the followers of Hare Krishna in Moscow will have no place of worship.

This is a gross violation of their religious and human rights. I hereby request you as the person who is entrusted to protect the law and order in the country of Russia to please urgently investigate the situation and reestablish justice.