Chakra Announcements

Prison Program Seeks Volunteers

by Adi Kavi das

Posted May 29, 2007

There are right now many potential and actual devotees in various prisons who need association through letters. I have just started writing to some, and although I sent out letters to nine people I only got three back. However, the amount of sheer bliss I received from the letters of those three people is indescribable.

The ISKCON Prison Ministry needs help writing to these souls. It might take an hour to properly read and comprehend what a new person is asking in his letter about Krishna consciousness and then to respond to that person. The end result is so enlivening -- to get back a letter and see what advancement someone has made.

I am inviting everyone to please just take an extra person or two from the list that Bhakta Jerry has, and write to them. I'm sure you will be satisfied with the result. If not, keep on trying until you get someone good. There are plenty of candidates out there.

Here is how to write: Bhakta Jerry, ISKCON Prison Ministry, 1716 Lunt Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, USA 60626