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New York Ratha-yatra is Dealt a Full House

by ISKCON New York

Posted May 21, 2005

Dear Devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances, all glories to Srila Prabhupad.

Due to circumstances beyond our control there isn't accommodation in the Brooklyn temple for any more visiting devotees during this year's Ratha-yatra festival weekend (June 10-12 2005).

We have limited space in the ashrama's and a minimum of 50% of the space is reserved for full-time Ratha-yatra festival sevaites.

For the small number of devotees who already reserved a space in the ashrama, and who are not visiting to perform full-time service for the Jagannatha Ratha-yatra festival, there will be a $35 per day accommodation fee.

In previous years the visiting devotees have behaved like true Vaisnavas, and are always a joy to associate with and serve. There have been a few unfortunate instances when a visitor to the temple could not understand our organizational policies, and instigated ugly interactions. We want to avoid such incidents in our attempt to serve the devotees, and organize such a large Ratha-yatra festival. We depend upon and require your humble cooperation to achieve such harmony.

In the mood of serving the Vaisnavas, our management team is attempting to arrange some of our congregation members to accommodate visiting devotees for the weekend of June 10-12, for free or for a small fee.

We humbly request devotees to find alternate living arrangements at nearby hotels or motels. The temple management will do its best to assist all devotees in locating suitable accommodations.

Please contact the numbers listed below for more information.

For further information on Temple accommodations please contact:

Visit us online:

I hope this meets you in the best of health.

Your servant,

Satya devi dasi

Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir