Vaishnava Swami's Cross Canada Walk
by Adi-kurma Das
Posted May 4, 2003

"There is a reason for this walking fever," Says Bhaktimarga Swami," the point is about peace and awareness. I love this country, but I am concerned. We are big-time consumers and suffer terrible problems within our families. We are set in superficial coziness.We can do better".

Aftercovering 8,500 kms in 210 days in 1996 from west coast to east coast, he rekindled the ambitious trek and will start on May 3rd at Cape Spear, Newfoundland, North America's eastern -most point and will traverse through the entire country and will end in Victoria, B.C.

He will celebrate his walk with meditation, prayer and song for approximately forty kilometers a day. he will be accompanied by two devotees in a support vehicle to help Swami with supplies, communications and his daily prasadam arrangement.

There has been a website hosted at

Please check the website for his latest updates and his daily journal.