Chakra Announcements

ISKCON Chapter 11 Disbursement Update

by OLF/Joseph Fedorowsky

Posted May 5, 2006

This past week the U.S. Bankruptcy Court reset the pending motion to estimate claims to June 7, 2006. Upon approval of that motion the Trustee will then be authorized to begin the disbursement of compensation to the claimants.

Meanwhile, the Trustee will send each claimant an address confirmation letter in order to avoid any delay in compensation payments caused by changed or inaccurate mailing addresses. In addition, a copy of the estimation motion and an updated compensation sheet will be sent to each claimant by bankruptcy counsel.

The scheduled date for future compensation payments has not been changed, and remains April 30 and September 30 of each year. As an administrative matter, compensation checks sent by the Trustee will likely be mailed within the week following those scheduled dates.

Should you not receive an address confirmation letter or the updated compensation sheet by mid-May, be sure to send an email to with your legal name, Krishna name and current address. For those claimants who receive Class 5A treatment, contact your legal counsel with any questions.