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ISKCON New York Sri Gaura Purnima 2006 Report

by ISKCON New York, Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir

Posted March 20, 2006

Dear Devotees and Friends,

Sri Gaura Purnima Mahotsava Ki Jai!

All day long, devotees came to Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir, to celebrate the appearance day of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. They came to chant, hear Gaura-katha, and render some devotional service. The youth of ISKCON NY took up many of the key services, assisting Nandanandana prabhu to cook the Festival Feast, as well as preparing close to 60 different foodstuffs for the Lord's evening offering (120 offerings in total), as well making many varieties of garlands for the deities to wear with their new outfit.

As the evening light made way for the all auspicious moonrise, devotees kept filling into the temple. Bhajans began and the crowd of 200+ devotees was chanting along. At the same time, His Grace Kalpavrksa Prabhu, assembled a very wonderful diorama display of the Sri Sri Panca Tattva deities. His efforts were so awesome, that all the devotees were wonderstruck as they chanted and danced before the wonderful deities of Sri Sri Panca-tattva.

At 7:00pm, the deity doors opened to reveal Sri Sri Radha Govinda in a stunning new silver/pink/white dress. This is the first of many dresses to be offered this year. Bathed in varieities of roses, gardenias, hyacinths, narcissus,lilies and other fragrant flowers, the Deities looked resplendent and attracted the minds of the 500 devotees who came from 3 states to celebrate the festival. The Gaura-arati kirtan began, as the deity of Lord Caitanya was brought off the altar to receive his birthday abhisheka (bathing ceremony). The cameras clicked away, and the Lord smiled as the pujaris bathed Him with so many varieties of substances, ending with a very opulent Pushpa -abhisheka. The kirtan continued for well over an hour with HG Nandanandana prabhu, Praghosh prabhu, and Ananta-sesa prabhu all taking turns to lead the chanting.

Then, after the conclusion of the kirtan, H.H. Romapada Swami took the audience of devotees on a journey to Sri Mayapur-dhama. He presented a slideshow of the deities of our ISKCON Mayapur-candrodaya Mandir, and gave a talk about the significance of Lord Caitanya's appearance.

Finally, all the devotees were treated to a very opulent feast of palak-paneer sabji, mixed-veggie and cream subji, samo-rice kichari, carrot halavah, cucumber raita, tapioca papads, condensed milk sweet (ksira), and strawberry-mint lemonade. Also, many devotees wasted no time to partake in the Lord's mahaprasad, by purchasing small quantities of the 120+ offerings to take home and enjoy the next day. All in all, this was a memorable festival for all devotees of NY ISKCON.

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Your servants,

Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir