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Gaura Purnima Harinam In Times Square

by New York ISKCON, Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir

Posted March 20, 2006

N.Y. Gaura Purnima Harinam Celebtration

On Saturday March 11, 2006 close to 80, mostly congregation, devotees from ISKCON NY (Brooklyn) and other locations gathered to begin the celebrations for Gaura Purnima a few days early with an ecstatic harinam procession through the heart of Maya's kingdom - Times Square, New York City.

At approximately 3:00pm 25 devotees left the confines of Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir with a brisk pre-harinam kirtan led by HH Candrasekhara Swami. By Lord Caitanya's mercy, the weather could not have been better. Sunny skies, with the temperature hovering around 70 degrees, made this procession even more ecstatic. On the subway ride over, devotees were getting excited, practicing their mrdanga beats, and remembering their favorite kirtan melodies.

The procession began just a couple blocks south from Times Square, and proceeded, like an army going into the field of war, with full determination and courage. We walked past a department store, and to our surprise, the managers were all standing in the lobby and invited us in! We made one full pradakshina of the store, and then entered the lobby to chant and purify the atmosphere inside. It was really incredible. The store managers loved the devotees dancing and swayed along with us. After about 10 minutes, we exited the store and were on our way through the streets once again.

As the hour went by, the crowd of devotees got larger. At the peak of the harinam procession, we had close to 80 devotees all singing along. The kirtans were expertly over 2 hours led by HH Candrasekhara Swami, H.G. Nandanandana Dasa, and H.G. Bhushara Dasa. Then at the end, one of the youth members, Niyati dasi, took the kirtan to its final notes. All throughout the procession, the devotees zig-zagged up and down the streets, making a real impact amongst all those who came to Times square that day. Furthermore, the devotees distributed 300+ flyers for the upcoming Gaura Purnima festival, and countless Mantra cards. Also about 20 books were also sold to the general public.

At about 6:00pm the harinam had to come to a close, and the devotees all came back to Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir, where there was a transcendental feast waiting for all. The prasadam menu of Rice Pilaf, Salad, Banana Cake, Mango Nectar, Mixed Veggie Sabji and Dahl was enjoyed by everyone to their heart's content.

This harinam was so successful, that more events are going to be planned in the future. We hope that even more devotees will come and join us as the weather warms up and spirits rise. Special thanks to HG Gauranga Prema prabhu and his assistants for organizing this procession and to Mother Satya devi dasi for the preparing the wonderful feast.

Harinam Sankirtan Ki JAI!

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