ISKCON Ministries to Work Together More and More
by Kaunteya das
Posted March 20, 2003

The adventure started in Alachua, in June 2002, when representatives of several Ministries came together and chalked out a plan for cooperation and envisioned where they wanted to be in ten years. At that meeting they decided to meet again in Mayapur, before the GBC meetings. So on 18 and 19 February 2003 they came together again, this time with more Ministries represented. Present were, either for the full two days or in part:

The main discussion, continued from the meetings in Alachua, was on the function of the proposed ISKCON Ministry Council. A proposal for establishing officially the Council was written and presented for discussion to the GBC. Among the Ministries there is a lot of willingness to network and help each other, to standardize the educational tools and to share resources. Through these get-togethers personal bonds are also strengthened. The mood of this effort by the Ministries to come together can be graphically represented by a circle (the devotee) surrounded by other circles (the Ministries), meant to assist and serve the Vaisnavas of ISKCON in their different functions and phases of life. For instance the Child Protection Office serves the devotee as a child and the Youth Ministry offers guidance to the young adult; when the devotee gets married the Grihastha Ministry comes into play. The Cow Protection and Agriculture Ministry serves the person especially if he or she lives on a farm and the Congregational Development Ministry assists especially if the devotee is a member of an urban community. The Women's Ministry assists the ladies; when a mature man is ready to take sannyasa the Sannyasa Ministry helps him. The Ministry of Educational Development, the Culture Ministry, the Deity Worship Ministry, and the Health and Welfare Ministry serve the person throughout. Other Ministries, like the Padayatra, the Communication and the Book Distribution Ministries, serve the devotee in his or her outreach activities for sharing the message of Krishna consciousness to the masses.

The participants elected Anuttama Prabhu as Chairperson for the Ministries Council and he accepted, at least till the next meeting, to take place in the West in about six months.

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