Chakra Announcements

New Portland Temple

by Dhananjay das

Posted March 12, 2004

We are very pleased to announce opening of new temple at Portland Oregon under the direction of our GBC H.G. Harivilas Prabhu. In May 2003. Since then we have many great personalities visited us we celebrate all the festivals our goal is to give Vedic training to entire family especially cater the needs children in spiritual life. We have Sunday school run by devotees where they learn how to chant rounds,different vedic stories, shlokas & lots of fun. We even had Rath yatra/Chritmas for Children. Local newspaper frequently publish aricles on our center. We will be installing Srila Prabhupad Deity on March 7th by hands of HH Indradumna Maharaj. Devotees are planning to install Sri Sri Radha Krishna deities in coming months We welcome all Vaishnavas & Vaishnavi to pray for us & help spreading the mercy to reach out as many souls as we can.

Our Website address is

Thank you very much.

Your Servant,
Dhananjay Dasa
(Temple President)