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GBC Meeting Day Four: "Organize Society" Means Varnashrama

by Niscala dasi

Posted March 4, 2009

It was really nice of our GBC to post details of their meetings in Mayapura, the transparency is commendable. I found it very thoughtful, too, that they brought up Srila Prabhupada's instruction to "organize society" (Day four), but was disappointed that they did not take it in the context he always gave with this instruction- organize society into varnashrama. That is the only context that I can find these two words ever used in, and I am sure they will find the same, upon examination. In those instructions, he describes the enormous spiritual benefits to ISKCON that the introduction of varnashrama would bring, including making it a house for the whole world to live in, and exactly how it would be so. I am surprised that the GBC instead took the words "organize society" to mean make more committees, sub-commitees etc and thus micro-manage the movement. It does not take a prophet amongst us to predict that this will be a failure in respect to solving our decreasing membership; like so many other committee-making resolutions in the past, it has had little effect.

Considering these vital instructions that Srila Prabhupada gave our movement, I have spent the last few years writing a book about how varnshrama could very easily be implemented in our society, and exactly how many of our problems could be solved through it, especially the most essential problem of devotees leaving and people failing to join. The manuscript is finished but in the stage of review, and open to change. I would greatly appreciate any GBC feedback about it, both to change it if required, and to make it approved for general readership.

I want to work in cooperation with the GBC in this regard, and if anyone from the GBC is interested I will be delighted to send the manuscript. To this end, I have avoided much of the sharp tone I may be condemned for in my essays to CHAKRA. Please give me reason to reform!

I would like to add that the substance of the book is not to cover what has been already covered in books and essays- it is a wholly fresh perspective! Please feel to contact me at