Searching For Lost Spiritual Gems
by Bhakta Krish Mistry
Posted March 1, 2003

I, like many devotees, enjoy listening to the bhajan kirtan of Sriman Vaiyasaki prabhu, one of our movement's foremost kirtaniyas. Some of his older recordings can no longer be found. I have been looking for Vaiyasaki tapes and CDs for a while now and have approached numerous temples and audio stockists of Vaisnava music but cannot seem to find the elusive tapes.

Upon inquiry, Vaiyasaki prabhu replied:

"The tapes you are referring to have been lost in time. I am trying to locate them in good condition so that I may transfer them to CD. As soon as this work is completed, the tapes will be available as CDs on my website ("
With his permission I am now widening the search. If temples or devotees have any of the recordings in good condition, would they be willing to lend them, so that they can be re-introduced into circulation in CD form?

The cassette titles are:

  1. "Only The Best" -- A three cassette set of the 1992 American Rathayatra tour.
  2. "Caitanya Candra" -- Contains 8 songss in glorification of Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu including: "Dhule Dhule Gaura Chandra" and "Nava Gaura Varama".
  3. "Vrndavana Candra" -- A collection of morning and evening ragas with classical Indian instruments (kirtans glorifying Guru Tattva, Panca Tattva, etc.)

If you can be of any help in locating any of the recordings, please contact Vaiyasaki Prabhu,, or me,

(Many of the lyrics of Vaiyasaki prabhu's bhajanas, as well as many other wonderful bhajanas, are on Krsna Dhenu prabhu's website: