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Chakra seeks new webmaster

by the Chakra editorial team

Reposted July 14, 2005

Our incumbent hardworking webmaster is departing Chakra after several years of sterling service. We will soon need another committed volunteer to perform the posting of articles to the Chakra website.

Chakra posts a mix of new articles several times a week. We seek someone comfortable with upholding Chakra's mission statement and author guidelines, who can commit to spending 30 to 45 minutes three to four times a week in formatting and posting articles selected by the editorial staff.

This volunteer (i.e., unpaid) position would be a good fit for a someone interested in facilitating devotee communication and who is skilled with computers, but who needs to set his/her own hours and prefers to do service from home. Since we seek to provide a multidimensional portrait of ISKCON and other Vaishnava societies, no person on the board agrees with every story chosen for posting. However, we do expect the webmaster to be willing to present contrasting views in a spirit of fair play for contending ideas and interpretations.

Currently, Chakra is edited and posted using manual HTML and a simple CSS style sheet, so familiarity with hand-coding and a comfort level with either automated search-and-replace or GREP editing is assumed. The webmaster would need to have a relatively recent MacOS, Windows or Linux computer and a high comfort level with email, FTP, and a text editor such as BBEdit, TextEdit, WordPad, vi or emacs, or with the plain text functions of Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect. Familiarity with simple image resizing and JPEG degradation functions in Adobe Photoshop or gimp would be a plus.

During the next year, Chakra plans to introduce some elements of automation to our posting process. Some of the technologies under evaluation include Moveable Type, XML and RSS, but we are certainly open to any labour-saving methods. We are also looking at improving our cross-platform compatibility with modern web browsers, so some familiarity with search technologies and indexing, with writing CSS and XHTML and with small-screen hand-held PDA systems would be great, but is not required.

As no single individual may necessarily embody all the qualities, abilities and desired skills sets enumerated, we encourage applications from people with strengths in at least some of these areas. We are very open to suggestions for improvement in both our content and presentation.

Interested? Please forward a résumé and cover letter to before July 20.