Chakra Announcements

Paris Temple

by Srinath dasa

Posted June 24, 2008

From India to Ireland, Scotland to South Africa, America to Australia, Moscow to Mauritius, ISKCON (popularly known as the Hare Krishna Movement) is accepted as a bona fide religious organization around the world and is recognized among learned academics (e.g. University of Cambridge, England). In France however, the influential anti-cult bureau (funded by the French government) has successfully introduced laws and policies constricting the activities of minority religious organizations and in 1989, has unfairly and unlawfully branded the Hare Krishna movement a dangerous cult, thereby creating unfounded fears in the public against us and curtailing our efforts to serve French society.

But there are winds of change

"Paris is Europe's largest city, the world's number one tourist destination, metropolis of culture, architectural wonders, night life, tree lined avenues, monuments, cafes, education, museums, revolutions. I thought people don't like us here. Who said that - it's fantastic.... " - Janananda Gosvami.

Two communication teams have been created in Paris & New Mayapur and they have met with Ms. Catherine Katz, the government representative for observing the cult issue and dealings with religious minorities. She has spoken positively on the Hare Krishna movement on French TV channel 2 and some more meetings will take place with her and the communication team.

Establishing Krishna Consciousness in Paris had not been easy due to discrimination for many years but there are positive signs now due a number of auspicious things:

"If anyone wants to really experience bliss - or as close to it as you can imagine - then take a break in Paris and go on Harinam. Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower. It's terrific - the place is crawling with thousands and thousands of tourists and locals and they really love the devotees, at least when they are dancing and chanting". - Janananda Gosvami.

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