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Letter Scam Update

by Chakra editors

Posted June 4, 2007

Editors' note: Chakra has received several letters from devotees about Piyush Banerjea's sale of letters from Prabhupada. So far, none seem to have actually received any letters. Below are letters from four devotees who agreed to let us publish them:

  1. I, also, have not received my letter from Piyush Banerjea. I've sent $300 USD plus $30 USD for next day delivery, months ago, but have not received anything as of yet, despite repeated email request. Please help me !

  2. Piyush Banerjee sent me about 30 letters asking for help. He got my email address from your website only. He said his family was soon to be jailed for a huge debt having been incurred after being cheated by a Nigerian. Either he is in jail so is not able to respond, or he is a big time scammer. I am sure he contacted many devotees from your site, as sometimes the letters were sent bulk and he was thanking some people for their help.

  3. My wife had also contacted this person and the only response was please to send the money.

  4. Thanks for the warning. I was going to buy a "hand written letter by Srila Prabhupada" from this Banerjea person. NOTE: This was APRIL 5th 2007. So if Shakutala devi dasi purchased the letters 4 months ago, then how is it that Banerjea is still selling them (2 months later ? This does sound like a scam for sure. I also know two other devotees who were also going to. It seems that Banerjea was pretty sucessful in gettting a response from devotees. Although I did get a few scaned in photo copies of the letters that appear to look real from Banerjea, i never actully sent any money because I wanted to wait and meet her/him and do the exchange personally. Ive attached the photo copies of the letters and my emails with Banerjea so that you can see how desparate this person is. I was suspiscius of her/him becase the following sounds so much like one of those spam emails from a Nigerian claiming that they have $500,000,000 in an account but they need your help getting it out. Oh sure! Here is just an example of what Banerjea writes (note: I never said anyting about a scam, they seem to be pretty paranoid,... rightly so!): "I DONT KNOW HOW TO MAKE U BELEIVE. THIS IS NOT A FAKE MAIL.I NEED UR SUPPORT , TRUST ME.i JUST NEED 5-10 DOLLARS HELP FROM U AND other devotees .PLS FOR THE SAKE OF LORD KRISHNA HELP ME AND MY FAMILY.FOR THE SAKE OF LORD KRISHNA PLS HELP ME"