Chakra Announcements

New York Ratha-yatra Rooms

by Brooklyn ISKCON Management

Posted June 2, 2006

Brooklyn ISKCON has no available accommodation in the temple ashram for next weeks June 10 Ratha-yatra festival. We have limited space and it is reserved for Ratha-yatra workers and a small group of Old devotees. All ashram space is filled to the maximum and persons showing up at the temple with no accomodation agreement will not be allowed to stay overnight or use the ashram facilities. We advise if you are thinking of just showing up in the temple lobby with your luggage to please don't do that, as it becomes an unpleasant task to refuse persons an accomodation. If you have no accomodation you must find something with a friend or at a Hotel or Motel. Call 718-855-6714 if you need advice on a Hotel rental.

Your servants,
@ Brooklyn ISKCON Management