Chakra Announcements

Virus Hoaxes

by Rama Kesava dasa

Posted July 28, 2003

Recently devotees have received numerous copies of emails notifying them of viruses. However, often these e-mails, although passed on in good faith, have been hoaxes. The e-mails exhort their recipients to delete system files from their computers.

Among files recently targetted is the Microsoft Debugger Registrar for Java, "Jdbmgr.exe". This file is a legitimate Windows file. However, on reading the hoax, people panic, delete the file, and pass it on to their friends and acquaintances using e-mail. This scam is described in detail, and instructions are given on how to recover the file at:

I would urge devotees to check virus scares with Symantec at, Hoaxbusters at and also on Urban Legends at Get-rich-quick schemes can also be checked there. Please don't forward on these things until you've checked them out, even if you've received them from a "reliable" source (that source may only have been one link in a grape-vine).

Please, always inform sender and recievers that virus is a hoax, and that they should always check an anti-hoax website. In this way, gradually, these chain letter will cease. This particular hoax has been floating around the Internet for some 2-3 years now.

As devotees, especially, we should beware of this type of hoax. Since it engages people in unproductive, time-wasting activities, it almost borders on speculative activity. Rather, we should feel that other devotees are so important, that although we are anxious not to see them hurt -- we are also anxious not to waste their time with false alarms. Thus we will always take the extra 3 minutes to check out any warning or other chain-mail type letter before sending it to other devotees.

Your servant,
Rama Kesava dasa