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Padyatra America update

by Padayatra Office

Posted July 22, 2003

Currently Padayatra is in Virginia.

Through our journey hundreds of people have approached us and thousands have had the darshan of their lordships. With the blessings of their Lordships and the vaishnava's, Padayatra has been able to spread the message of love of godhead, distribute Srila Prabhupada's books and prasadam to many. Also, we have received hundreds of encouraging letters and emails from devotees all over the world.

Unfortunately, Govardhan (one of the Padayatra horses) is unable to continue due to a problem with one of his legs. Since last few days, we have been hosted by a very nice family in Virginia, we are staying in their farm. In the mean time we are looking for another horse, so that we can continue our journey.

Buying another horse, transporting the new horse to the farm here and transporting Govardhan (who has served Sri Sri Nitai Gaurasundar from day one) to, if possible, Gita Nagari will involve some expenses. We seek your help to bring Padayatra America on the road, as early as possible.

Padayatra Office