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New Vrindaban Ratha Yatra Report

by Hari dasa

Posted July 20, 2006

Bringing the Lord Home-New Vrindaban Ratha Yatra 2006

Why does it happen ever year without fail? Lord Jagannatha on His birthday gets one hell of a feast as well as a birthday abhiseka, but he ALWAYS gets sick and has to rest along with His Brother Baladeva and His Sister Subhadra. This year, after His bath, The Lord was taken to a cabin and was looked after by his nurse Kunjabiharini dd until He got well again to resume His royal duties such as His yearly Ratha Yatra parade. During His convalescence, Their Lordships survived on fruit juices, sweets, fruits with honey and teas, although one night Nityodita prabhu bought Them a whole tray of pizza which Hari dasa promptly offered to Them. It seemed like they were getting fried of fruits and teas....

There was a whole team of nurses as it turns out, Kunjabiharini was joined by Mothers Santendriya, Padma and Diane who all worked together with the Navayauvanam process (repainting) as well as the outfit making.

So, with all this love and care Their Lordships got well again and off They went on Their yearly parade-country style! No fancy big Rath carts, no big skyscrapers to gaze at, just lots of nice hillbilly countryside and lots of excited devotees having kirtan for the pleasure of The Lord.

Don't worry y'all, They made it home safe again at Radha Vrindabancandras temple and are eagerly looking forward to next years party. Until then, it is business as usual!