Chakra Announcements

Prisoners grateful to hear of Krsna

by Shyama Priya dasi

Posted July 17, 2003

The ISKCON Prison Ministry receives many nice letters from inmates sharing their realizations. We would like to share these with all of you.

"I had been suffering out of ignorance and due to leading a sinful life. I want to be rescued from this ignorance. I'm trying very hard and as long as I continue to read and chant everyday, I'm beginning to see things clearly." -- Billy, Amarillo, TX

"You asked how I used aspirin to count mantras? I have a bottle of 108 aspirins and each time I finish a mantra, I place one aspirin back inside the bottle, then dump them back out again after 108." -- Paul, Pendleton, IN

"I am in receipt of your book Hidden Glory of India and your letter. Thank you for mailing such an informative book. You have reached out to me, when I was disillusioned by problems and now I am chanting the maha mantra and have got an opportunity to read this book." -- Girish, Rome, NY

"I'm very eager to learn about this devotional yoga and mantra meditation and I have many questions, I need answers, please. I hope to hear from you soon." -- Vincent, Jesup, GA

"I enjoyed reading the pamphlets you sent. I let some friends read the ones you sent on vegetarians. I must say they had no arguments according to what was said in them. They asked for your address, to see if you could enlighten them more about not eating meat." -- Jason, Dilley, TX

"I have received the book, Hidden Glory of India; it is such a delectable, unique book. I have fallen in love with the book." -- Paul, Soledad, CA

"My chanting is progressing slowly, but everyday I push forward trying to break the chains of Maya." -- Jared, El Dorado, TX

"This is what I like about Krsna Consciousness; it is scientific, not sectarian. From God's point of view there is no question of Hindu or Christian. I don't know about all these 'new age' spiritual groups, but in the Srimad Bhagavatam (4.3.23), it is said, 'When a man is situated in pure goodness he worships Vasudeva'." -- David, Angola, LA

"Reading and chanting the holy names fills me with peace." -- Charles, Waverly, VA

"In 2006 I come up for parole, for the first time. I'm not worried about it if I get denied. I'm more interested in sharing and preaching about Krsna to others." -- Ruben, Gatesville, TX

"A few weeks ago I came across a Srimad Bhagavatam, first canto-part two, Creation. The book is from ISKCON. I've been reading it for about 3 weeks. I am truly amazed and humbled at the same time, by it and the Bhagavad-gita As It Is. I did not even know that this level of knowledge and wisdom was even in this world." -- Tony, Lucasville, OH

"The Pastor, Dave Mason, in this jail, was kind enough to lend me his personal copy of Bhagavad-gita As It Is, for reading in jail. It is a great solace to me through this very stressful time I am going through; without it I would go crazy -- no kidding." -- Snehal, Battle Creek, MI

"I received the 'How to Practice Krishna Consciousness in Prison' you sent. I have prepared a small altar in my cell, according to directions. I'm trying the best I can with what I have." -- Evan, Watonga, OK

"All my studies, prayers, meditations and chanting have got me fired up like a steam engine. My consciousness has risen to new heights. Awesome! Whatever I read, contemplate on, pray about, sends insights, revelations, spiritual feelings beyond anything I can put on paper, right now!" -- Dan, Susanville, CA

"My entire life has prepared me for this, all the things I've been through and the things I've learned, have brought me to this point in life, and I am so grateful to Krsna for this opportunity to become a devotee. I can't imagine life any other way." -- Robert, Navasoto, TX

"Thanks for the altar pictures you sent to me. I've got them displayed on a little shelf besides my bed. They seem to draw a lot of attention. I've had more than a dozen people inquire about them. I try my best to explain, sometimes I find myself saying more than was asked, by telling them some of the pastimes of Krsna. Some are captivated about what I say and others think I'm crazy. Well, I am crazy, crazy to learn as much about God that I can." -- Jason, Dilley, TX

"I'm chanting more and more and Krsna is doing lots of wonderful things in my life. It's no so much exterior things, although good things are happening in my circumstances, but it's mostly inwardly. Krsna has enabled me to transcend the negativity around me and within me. I am very grateful for this." -- Robert, Clermont, FL

"Without your aid, I don't think I would have made it long enough to find Krsna in this life, if ever! So, I thank you for that and much more that I cannot put into words! So please, imagine yourself receiving an enthusiastic hug and back pounding." -- Corey, Kenedey, TX

"I am really becoming enriched in my Hare Krsna chanting. I chant the mantra all during the day. I desire to always be fixed in devotion." -- Robert, Brunswick NC

"Learning and practicing daily is sometimes difficult for me, because I forget that I'm not this body, but when I chant I remember and I experience peace and power in my life, in that moment of time.

After trying so many different religions I thought that this Krsna Consciousness was just a fad, but after I began to experience the protection of the mantra, I knew I was on to something more powerful than I had tried and experienced before.

I tried several times to put this practice behind me and just be safe and stay a muslim, but after numerous incidents, I decided to experiment with the maha mantra and change my diet to be a full vegetarian.

I was not consistent at first, but as I started to get books and magazines my understanding and consciousness began to grow and my life seemed lighter, even though I still have this life sentence to deal with." -- James

"This week a thunderstorm blew in and bang went the thunder! A friend of mine was killed. A bolt of lightening got him and I was in a straight line with him, 200 feet away. He never knew what hit him, it was so quick, standing alive in the middle of the baseball field and in one millionth of a second gone!!! Life is more fragile than people want to admit." -- Dennis, Coleman FL

"Thank you for answering my questions. Not only myself, but, people I know turned from religion. Myself, I never stopped searching. I went from faith to faith looking for answers. Now, I'm finding answers." -- Rufus, Florida City, FL

We are always in need of donations for paying the shipping costs of books to prisons, which is our highest expense, costing about $12,000 a year. We need donations of books, tapes, japa beads, bead bags and videos tapes. Does any one want to learn how to start a ministry in their area or to visit a prison, and bring Krsna into the prison? Please contact us: Shyama Priya, ISKCON Prison Ministry, 4455 Quince St #A, San Diego, CA 92105, 619-501-4602, e-mail or Chandrasekhara dasa, PO Box 2693, Toledo OH 43606, 419-508-2291