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Padayatra America Report - update

by Padayatra Office

Posted July 17, 2003

June 17, 2003 (from the diary of a Padayatri)

Rain all day, temperature 50 degrees. We start out at 11:00 am. More narrow roads and hills. I see some small creature that had been hit by a car, I think "why you didn't wait for us, you missed out the mercy".

If their Lordships Sri Sri Nitai Gaurasundar and Lord Narasimha push, we will be there pushing on Padayatra and Kana das and Govardhan das (horses) will be pulling their Lordships. These were big hills but their mood was phenomenal - Steady, willing to go ahead, attentive, tolerant. They love to work hard serving Sri Sri Gaura Nitai's mission. They will always catch your mood, if you are asking them to push forward - they will follow. This is parampara, that the Lord give us the strength to push forward and I engage them to achieve the goal.

It's late and we have to stop. Constant up and down the hill has made the horses visibly tired. So Candrabhaga dasi goes to one house and something very unusual happened, the lady at the house did not want to help. Usually 98% of the time the people we meet are very enthusiastic to receive us, but today it was different. I turn to their Lordships - "Oh my Lord, I have faith that you are guiding us, still I pray out to you for caring for your servants Kana and Govardhan, this road has been heavy and its also late, I don't necessarily ask for you to take us out of this road (that might be a lack of faith), I know this is your arrangement and we will be able to continue. After a while we meet a gentleman who invites us to his farm which is 5 miles away, but it was in the opposite direction and without paved road, more hills - couldn't do it.

I stuck to my conviction that their Lordships have something for us, at least some small corner for us to sleep. We move on for another 1-2 miles, suddenly the Deities inspire me to go off the road into a narrow driveway on a curvy part of the Stretch. Where are we? The only thing to do was to find the house and the owner of this property and explain them everything.

Coming up a steep climb to the house about a 1/4 mile the Lord revealed his surprise, as I saw a sign outside reading "Sri Krsna Bhavan".

Hare Krishna! Was my reaction. One woman came down and was astonished to see us. This lady knows Krsna for many years, as she was a part of a Hindu temple opening/installation in 1968, a temple of Lord Vitthala in the Virginia / Washington D.C. area. She is introduced herself by saying, "My name is Gita" and than she received us in full vedic culture/tradition. That evening she invited the neighbors to come and listen to us for sometime. At 10:30pm we read for their Lordships "Sri Brahma Samhita" and than we took rest after a long, hard, wet and windy day.

This is Padayatra, a life of preaching. We don't have much materially but tons of mercy to be distributed...Why? Because the mercy of the Vaishnavas is here, Srila prabhupada is always leading us and their Lordships are always eager to reciprocate with us, as preachers, protectors, etc. Padayatra America Ki Jaya!

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