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Tamohara and wife "kidnapped"

submitted by Urmila d.d.

Posted July 16, 2005

Please accept my obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Tamohara Prabhu, who runs the International Child Protection Office, recently had his camper stolen (while he and his wife were sleeping in it). Their story is included. They lost all their most important personal possessions including their computers, all their data, and all their software. Clearly, this loss has made their service of protecting Krishna's children far more difficult. Those interested in helping can send a donation to Thomas Pourchot (Tamohara dasa), P.O. Box 1438, Alachua, Florida 32616. Please note on the check that this is a personal donation to help with their loss.

Letter from Mantrini devi dasi, Tamohara's wife:

While we were in Montreal attending their Rathayatra and joining the Youth Bus Tour for the first leg, we were kidnapped in our truck camper! It is a long sorry tale, but basically while we were sleeping in the camper outside the Montreal temple, our camper truck was car jacked (stolen!) with us in it! We could not see the criminals, we were just jolting around in the back on the phone with the police (who only speak French, mainly...) The upshot was that at the first opportunity to escape, we jumped out of the back in the middle of the street (me barefoot in my nightgown!) Tamohara had the presense of mind to grab his glasses, shoes and my purse, but the thieves got away with all our most important personal belongings, the most dear being our beloved Goura Nitai deties! They basically took our entire house! The Montreal police were very luke warm about chasing after them...they seem to not like Americans, so we have little hope of recovering anything. We count our blessings that we weren't killed in the process...thank Lord Nrsinghadev for that!

But, we were forced to cut our trip around to various temples short and were lucky to get back into the U.S. without passports and id's. We are back in Alachua to stay for a while.

It is amazing, but devotees have been coming up to us and telling us stories of having their deities stolen...some recovered, some not. We are still devastated by that part of the incident!

Anyway, we must depend on the mercy of the Lord and His devotees at all times!

your very humbled servants,
Mantrini & Tamohara