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Devotee News, Upcoming Events, Article Submissions, and Advertisements -- Important Author Guidelines

Posted July 12, 2003

Please read these guidelines before submitting anything to Chakra:

Chakra welcomes news articles, notifications of festivals and special programs, philosophical articles and opinion pieces, advertisements from devotee businesses with products of potential interest to devotees, and feedback to the editors and technical staff.

As we have only a small volunteer staff, we would appreciate it if you would kindly take the trouble to send your submissions to the most relevant address, as indicated below (to help avoid misdirection and delay), and always provide a descriptive title in the Subject field of your email to us.

Take the time to read over your email before sending it in, ensure that your spellings are plausible and your sentences understandable; then pick the main idea as the Subject. We have been receiving dozens of messages with the uninformative title "please post". We simply cannot easily tell one such submission from another; future submissions with this or a similar title are likely to be rejected unread.


News articles or opinion pieces (less than 2000 words) should be sent to


Tell us about an upcoming festival or special program (generally 500 words or less) at


Do you have a new CD, book, computer program, poster, or service business you would like to let the devotee community know about? Tell us in 300 words or less at

Sending a message to any of the above addresses constitutes permission to use your message in part or in total. Chakra editors may, at our discretion, edit such messages as we see fit, usually for grammar, spelling and brevity. Please indicate which, if any, of the following information we may include:

Not for publication

Messages intended for internal use only -- i.e., not for publication on's web site -- should go to: These messages will not be posted.

Bugs / Technical Issues

If you want to draw our attention to a technical issue, such as a broken link, please write

You can also find these links under the "About Us" header on Chakra's front page. We look forward to hearing from you!