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Arizona Governor Greets Hare Krishna Devotees

by DR Prayag Narayan Das Misra, Director, Communications, BhaktiVedanta Cultural Center, ISKCON of Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Posted January 22, 2006

January 9, 2006 Phoenix, Arizona, USA

During the Fourth Interfaith Breakfast on January 9, Governor Janet Napolitano invited 400 community leaders from the Valley. She met Jaya Gaura Sundara AKA Dr. Jagadish Patel, President of the Hare Krishna Temple at Chandler, and accepted blessed garlands from Sri Sri Radha Madhava Hari gracefully.

Jaya Gaura Sundara Dasa, ( Jagdish Patel, Ph.D) has been involved with Hare Krishna movement since 1977 while he was working as Director of Maryland State Public Health Laboratories in Baltimore, Maryland. He retired from that state Govt. job in 2003 and has chosen to serve full time in ISKCON of Phoenix. Jaya Gaura Sundar Dasa is not new to Phoenix; he has ties to this city, as his younger son Dr. Manish Patel lives here in Paradise Valley with his wife Roxana and daughter Alexandra Kaeli.

Since his involvement with temple in Chandler, there is remarkable spiritual uplift in Indian community. Many of regular members are finding peaceful atmosphere and wanting to chant Hare Krishna Maha mantra. He truly represents Founder Acharya of world wide movement, International Society for Krishna. Credit goes to Jaya Gaur Sundara dasa for organizing devotional House Programs, thus encouraging families toward bhakti and Krishna Consciousness.

Financially, the monthly mortgage payment of the Temple building has been reduced by 40% -- a significant achievement accomplished by his involvement during last six months. The goal is to pay off entire mortgage through contributions to a Mortgage Donor Fund.

From the day Jaya Gaura Sundara took over as Temple President, he has helped the grow the awareness of ISKCON Philosophy among Phoenicians. Last year,

he has made his way meeting political dignitaries, such as Vice Mayor of Chandler Phill Westbrooks and Hon'ble Manny Cisneros, Director, Governor's Equal Opportunity Commission; and Mayor of Phoenix, Phil Gordon during ground breaking ceremony of EKTA mandir .

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