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by Caru das

Posted January 13, 2005

Funds Transferred, Thanks to donors

We received confirmation from Sri Lanka of receipt of the $ 3,000 wired last Monday, and another $ 1,500 will go out this coming Monday, making the total $ 5,000 as a result of the appeal. The names of our kind donors from far and wide are pasted below. Lastly, we pasted the address of Glenn Hagele's timely web site at the bottom.

On behalf of the Tsunami Victims, thanks to:

Julie Frank, Daniel Swanson (Okla.), Glenn Hagele, Amal Bhakta, Mary Jew, Roshan & Kulwant Khandpur, Irwin Shapiro, Rajinder Battish (Cal.), Bonnie Hamdi (Wash.), Karen Lowens (Conn.), Nancy Hope (NY), Stephen Knapp( Mich.), Anand & Pratima Shah (Oh), Daruka Das, Daru Brahma(Fla.), Barbara Sheets (Neb), Juan Rodriguez (Puerto Rico), Dr. Douglas Ogden, Vandana Rangta, Yogi & Pragna Shah, Jessica Hafen, Sudhir & Florence Behl, Krishna & Aarti Sinha, Krista Zara, Julie Jones, Judy Hicks, Kanhai & Sarita Sah, Jane Johnson, Kim Molner, Srikantam Natarajan, Vijai & Geeta Agarawal, Wille Ostler, Kevin Crowell, Travis & Jenny Staley, Ann Poore, Rajat Kala, Prajwol Bhandari(Utah)

Salt Lake Tribune Article

Utahns Open Up Their Hearts & Wallets to Tsunami Victims
Kristen Moulton
Salt Lake Tribune

........A much smaller Utah congregation, the Hare Krishnas, is raising money to send to Sri Lanka, where the monks at a Hindu temple are providing 10,000 plates of food a day to tsunami refugees via their Food for Life program.

So far, $3,500 has been wire transferred to the monks of the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple, says spokesman Caru Das at the Utah Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork. Another $500 is ready to be wired Friday or Monday, along with any additional donations.

The monks typically take two vans out each day to provide vegetarian meals to a couple hundred people. Now they are dipping into their food reserves and renting vehicles to cover a bigger area so they can reach people in the ravaged beach areas, Das says.

The monks also have an orphanage that usually houses 75 children and now needs to expand to handle tsunami orphans.

"It's a question of ratcheting up the existing programs by a factor of 100," Das says.

Website Repeated

Hello Everyone,

I'm sure many of you are interested in what is happening in south Asia and the survivors of the tsunami. At I have created a web page with information about the Food For Life program to aid tsunami survivors in Sri Lanka. It includes photos of their efforts, a description of our support, and contact information for additional donations. Please feel free to forward this information to anyone who you believe may find it of interest.

Glenn & Victoria Hagele