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Food for Life Global seeks Tsunami Relief Volunteers

by Priyavrata das

Posted January 13, 2005

Priyavrata das, director of Food for Life Global, requires devotees for relief work in areas affected by the recent Tsunami disaster in Sri Lanka. On January 14, Indradyumna Swami will arrive in the capitol, Colombo, to assist local devotees in setting up an infrastructure to distribute prasadam at refugee camps throughout the disaster areas. Presently, Mahakarta das, temple president for Colombo and local devotees are distributing 10,000 plates of prasadam daily in just one area affected by the disaster. But the scope for distribution is unlimited as hundreds of thousands of people remain without home or shelter along the coastal areas hit by the Tsunami.

Food for Life has made an appeal for volunteers on it's website: WWW.FFL.ORG and over 60 non-devotees have replied. Many are professionals in various fields of medicine, education and social services. Priyavrata and Indradyumna Swami are presently choosing 48 of them to assist in prasadam distribution in different refugee camps, beginning January 16.

FFL Global is appealing for expert devotee cooks and kitchen helpers to volunteer for service in this relief effort. Those with first hand emergency

Devotees should be aware that they will be working in a disaster area and that conditions may be very austere. All accommodation, food and water will be provided and FFL Global will cover all expenses related to volunteering, except travel. Devotees will have to pay their own way to Sri Lanka. American citizens do not require visas, if they intend to stay less than one month.

Interested volunteers are also advised to take the necessary inoculations such as Typhoid and Cholera.

For more information, and to volunteer for this "experience of a lifetime" service, please visit WWW.FFL.ORG - or call Priyavrata das on (1) 301 987 5883