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Who has scheduled regular Sankirtana?

by Radha Govinda das
(Montreal, Canada)

Posted January 9, 2004

I am writing to confess that I feel myself presently in the throes of "dog consciousness," as opposed to God (Krsna) consciousness; therefore, I am suffering greatly.

I am asking the world devotee community to help. For the sake of personal purification, I am scouring this little globe of ours, to find a group, temple or centre from which devotees go out daily to perform street Hari-nama Sankirtana, or who are at least willing to begin this sweetest of yajnas. I believe that, by so doing, it is possible to obtain the personal darsana of Lord Nityananda.

Can you help? Please contact me at

Editor's note: We at Chakra would be interested also in taking note of the preaching activities of various temples and preaching centres. If your town has a group of devotees participating in regular public chanting, why not let us know about it?

Tell us where you usually meet for Hari-nama Sankirtana (for example, the name of a street corner or park). Let us know your schedule. We would like to compile the worldwide results into a table, which we can post on our website, so that visitors to your town can find, and join, the kirtana party.

If your temple has a number of other interesting, ongoing activities, maybe you could be a Chakra correspondent, and help increase the worldwide sense of community among Vaishnavas. We are always interested in well-written stories with factual information. If you can accompany them with one or two clear, well-chosen digital JPEG images, so much the better. (Try to keep the file size of attached photos small -- under 100 Kilobytes, if possible, please). For our current events and author guidelines, please see Thanks so much!