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Ways to contribute to ISKCON Relief Efforts in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu

by Chakra editorial staff

Posted January 2, 2005

Thanks to the generosity of devotees worldwide, Food For Life, now reports that they have raised $7,000 in donations via their website in the past 4 days. This money is now being wired over to the temples in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. Since no administrative costs are being deducted, this is a very efficient way to donate for devotees with credit cards.

Devotees who so wish, can also donate directly to the temples and field organizations who are doing this service on the ground. Information about the relief efforts at ISKCON Chennai can be found both on Chakra and at the ISKCON Chennai website and at Additionally, the organization Dasanudas (also FFL affiliated) has a website describing their efforts in Tamil Nadu at

Information about the efforts of ISKCON Sri Lanka and how to help them can be found at