Chakra Announcements

Martial Arts for Women in Braja

by Choti

Posted February 24, 2008

Regarding the current awareness and consciousness raising amongst western Vaishnavas regarding the epidemic problem of sexual harrassment faced by tourists, pilgrims and local women in the greater Braj area, I would like to know if there are any martial arts experts amongst Vaishnavas out there who would be willing to teach us ladies some "nitamba kicking" skills?

Regardless of our particular sectarian orientation and despite coming from diverging Vaishnava groups, all of us female vaishnavas who have ever travelled or resided in Braj have the same thing in common - most, if not all, of us have been sexually harrassed there. Therefore I envision Vaishnavis from all the various Bhakti sects currently found in Braj getting together once or twice a week for lessons. This is perhaps the one area where we can leave our "sectarian differences" at the door and unite together under one cause. Perhaps the by-product of such an endeavor would result in more loving dealings between what are sadly perceived as "opposing parties".

If even having bhakti in common cannot unite us, perhaps our common experiences as women can!

In this way sister Lila's sad death will not have gone in vain but served the higher purpose of the unification and empowerment of other Vaishnavis and women in general.

Any martial artists out there willing to serve the community thus can email me at

Jai Sri Radhe!