Vaisnavi Asraya Trust project
by Manjari dd
Posted February 20, 2003

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and his mission.

We are very happy to tell you about a special project for Vaisnavis. It is called the Vaisnavi Asraya Trust and, like its name, is BY Vaisnavis FOR Vaisnavis. The trustees are: Malati dd (SP), Manjari dd (BCS) and Krsnangi dd (PVS). Our mission statement is:

"Our desire is to encourage and facilitate the women in ISKCON to become strong and self-empowered in their material and spiritual lives through associating together in Krishna consciousness and creating an environment that is positive and supportive for their growth as spiritual identities, for their full engagement in devotional service and for their special role and contribution in devotional life and Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON."
The purpose is to give each other positive encouragement and support in our spiritual lives through different projects that are centered on associating together in Krishna consciousness. There is a large interactive website which is in two sections: one section for guests who can access pages such as Vaisnavis Honored, With Prabhupada (SP and his female disciples), Sloka Vision and our marketplace (books, etc. by Vaisnavis). The members (Vaisnavis only) can access these guest pages as well as the extra active project pages such as Vaisnavi Sanga, hearing classes and kirtanas on line, support groups and many other features. We would like to thank Bhaktin Sarah (of Australia) who has supervised this website creation and engaged the talents of her family in this service.

There are also other projects such as: Vaisnavi Community Centers, Jaya Radhe Publications (a special publication house for Vaisnavis), Vaisnavi Ashramas and an Academy for Vaisnavis where they can have special seminars and training courses tailor-made for their spiritual life and for applying that in Kali-yuga.

Please note that the Vaisnavi Asraya Trust is a 'grass-roots' project specifically to meet the needs and concerns of the women-devotees in ISKCON. This project has its own agenda of providing a positive encouraging atmosphere of engagement in Krishna consciousness. It will not be involved in any kind of politics, issues, one-upmanship, put-downs or criticisms. It is not an ISKCON controlled entity yet has been established for the benefit and service of the devotees in Srila Prabhupada's family.

The website is near to completion and we will be able to send you the address very soon. There you will get a full description of the website pages and the different projects. You can also join on-line and hear of the different ways to help us in the project. We need your help and support for all of this and pray to you for that. Right now we want to let you know what is in the pipe-line and to get your responses and thoughts on this so far. Thank you.

Your servant,
Manjari dd